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I'm Amanda. 20, music education/Spanish major


men’s back muscles let you know that god is real

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*me coming down stairs*


mom: now that you’re awake, can you clean th-


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Baby, you’re a firework! 


Baby, you’re a firework! 

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reblog if your name isn’t Ashley.

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Happy Esther Day, a holiday to celebrate love for family and friends! 

Tell a friend or family member that you love them: pick up the phone, make a YouTube video, leave them a voicemail, tell them over coffee. Tag posts about your #Esther Day to share them with the world.

Esther passed away from thyroid cancer in late August 2010, aged 16. The non-profit foundation This Star Won’t Go Out was established in her memory. You can find out more about Esther and donate to TSWGO here.

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